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Ozwin’s Jackpot is the new progressive jackpot slot from Yggdrasil. Matthias and I tried the slot extensively yesterday and wanted to keep the reels in motion until one of the UK mobile casino jackpots was finally cracked. We tried different strategies and want to introduce them to you below.

Mega Moolah, scratch cards online, Divine Fortune, Hall of Gods or Empire Fortune – who didn’t want to hit the jackpot there? Yggdrasil released the new progressive jackpot slot machine a few days ago. So Ozwin’s jackpot in the extreme test!

Trial 1: Very Low Stakes spins to win the jackpot

Since I found Ozwin’s jackpot to be visually appealing and read that at least the smaller jackpots can be triggered several times a day, I thought that I could risk it once. My personal loss limit for the month was not yet 100% exhausted, so I was able to deposit € 84. I saw the slot first at Rizk and tried it out there. Since there were fees for a deposit via Visa, I was only able to deposit € 82.

Since it is supposed to be the right time to spin, I just wanted to play for as long as I could with this credit on the lowest bet. OIzwin’s jackpot is a low variation slot, so I was able to spin the money for a very long time with the minimum bet. The numbers in a nutshell:

It was pretty nerve-wracking to play a jackpot slot for so long. In total, I had the free spins 22 times during this time, several times also by collecting crystals, so with an increased chance of winning the jackpot. Once the Novice jackpot was hit, when it stood at around € 120, it suddenly fell off.

I have to admit that I was very lucky at Ozwin’s jackpot and after a short time I got over € 90. Then it always went back and forth. When I thought it was now, it is now under € 20, I received bonus games several times in quick succession and then had € 70 again. After the 6 hours I had € 50 credit, so just under € 32 wasted and was no longer able. The constant jackpot draws were too nerve-wracking – once I had all 4 balls with the Novice and Wizard jackpot after 5 spins and in the remaining 5 spins he didn’t give any of the required balls, that’s really hard.

After the 6 hours, Matthias only said that I should finally see that this strategy does not lead to the desired result – I should finally play with higher stakes. He had himself blocked at Rizk and Casumo for 30 days.

Experiment 2: Turn up a little after playing very low stakes

I had tried it long enough and thought that if Matthias thinks that spins with higher stakes will do better, I will give it a try. With € 50 I then turned to € 1 each. I was able to make a total of 175 spins and once had the jackpot free spins and the selection bonus game. The games did not win more than € 10. I couldn’t collect more balls on 1 € than on 20 cents. Everything was gone in just under 15 minutes.

In the end the account was zero and since my credit card limit was exhausted I could not continue playing at Rizk. So we went to another casino so that a high roller test according to Matthias’s ideas could be made – he didn’t want to play anymore due to his cooling-off phase and found a creative way to circumvent the “self-lock”.

When it is about finding the right online game, there are many games that players are often spoiled after choosing. Gambling has never been easier when it comes to online casino games, especially Baccarat. It is one of the most popular games ever. It’s easily accessible, entertaining, and ideal for those who want to get into the game without having to learn a thousand complex bets and different hands, or memorize a whole set of rules. Much of what happens in online baccarat game is predetermined. In addition to critical decisions such as holding and betting, players can enjoy this simple card game while making it easy.

Advantages of Playing Online Baccarat

There are some significant differences between playing บา คา ร่า in traditional casinos and online casinos.

1. At online casinos, players can learn the rules by offering free game modes. So players practice a little before they can risk their money. In a real casino, the learning curve can be far more expensive because players don’t have that luxury.

2. Online casinos are not limited to areas, which allow offering a variety of online baccarat games.

3. Online casinos can accommodate more players with different game limits. Regardless of the number of people you want to play, you will find an online desk for you in every budget.

Why Casinos love Baccarat?

One of the reasons why baccarat rolls are attracted is the lowest retention rate that the game has. Baccarat has the advantage of having an average of 1.2 percent betting agency for players and bankers. This game has a third bet and a draw. If both hands match the same number, it pays from eight to one, but with a house edge that is much higher than fourteen percent. In most cases, serious players remain with bankers or players. Online baccarat games are also dangerous for casinos because players with large amounts of money at stake at the thin end of the house can win serious money at casino fees. Some online casino sites accept bets of up to five hundred and fifty thousand dollars with one hand. Likewise, while casinos have the potential to make millions of dollars in a few hours, they can also lose the same in a matter of hours. There are several baccarat variants, such as B. Mini Baccarat and Live Dealer Baccarat. Mini Baccarat is a smaller game, as the name suggests, and a top-rated online game. This is ideal for players who want to train and understand Baccarat. It contains a mini table for seven players simultaneously. Players compete for smaller entries, and some versions even include a chat feature that allows players to ask questions to their dealers during the game. Baccarat players in live dealers bet as usual, but in real life, there are human dealers with whom they can interact and compete. Besides, it does not depend on RNG, so players who don’t trust the automatic payment card system can get help. Each online casino has a large selection of card games. Baccarat will always be a favourite, among others.

In this new era of online gaming, every sport is being online. Poker is one of the games. Playing poker is in trend from the very beginning, even in the times of monarchy poker was played. Playing poker is all the part of tricks and experience, the more you play, the more you learn. Online poker tournaments strategy will help you to deal with many poker games.

Tips for playing online poker

If you want to perform your best, look forward to the tips to play online poker.


The first and the most essential thing you need to know is learning from your mistakes. A person can be professional soon, by learning and not making the same mistake the second time. All you need to keep in mind about the skills in which you are right. Keep playing and keep improving.

Time management

The second important tip is to manage time. You must have a particular strategy to play well and on time. Online poker is all about the right timings and strategy. You must have the patience for the correct time to come—the procedure before the gameplay can help you achieve your desired task.


Routine plays a crucial role in everyday life. It does not matter if you are a gym freak or a working person. A routine is essential. You have to get to your work correctly and systematically. In the same way, you have to consider poker, keep track of your records play well, and learn from your mistakes, then fight back.

Start small

It does not matter if you are a tyro; you need to start small with all the necessary steps. Start small to play big. Always keep in mind that all the low starts can get you to significant achievements in life. In poker, you need to start with the little amount that you are ready to lose.

Take notes and keep records

Try to learn from your previous mistakes. Prepare notes of your last play, take time to observe your mistakes, and then get ready to bet for your next chance. It has been said that taking records can take you to minimize errors. 

Pay attention

Always look to the brighter side. Pay attention, look around, and then find out the best way to play. Each player in poker has their style of play. You have to look carefully at the table or site with whom you are betting, then put your money for the best.

Switch sites for better output

Every site has different gameplay. You can switch various sites for finding the correct bonus, you deserve. The gift is also a prospect that you can consider for your bet. Always look forward to a place that satisfies with all the options that you need while playing.

Play as many games, that gives you profit

The best benefit of online poker is that you can play as many games as possible on one side while sitting on your couch at home. It saves your time and provides you with more entertainment with earning money.

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